Grow Community is the largest planned solar community in Washington state, with every home in the community powered by photovoltaic panels.  Thanks to net-metering, each home in this community has been able to provide surplus energy back into the local electricity grid on Bainbridge Island, and thus has been able to appreciate the cash benefits of producing their own electricity from renewable sources with zero fuel cost.

This year, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) show exactly how much value this has by awarding a $40,000 cash rebate check to Bainbridge Island Holdings to celebrate the success of the project and to encourage the developers to continue growing and evolving their efforts with the installation of even more energy efficient projects as they continue to work towards the completion of the Grow Community.

Through their partnerships with local developers, PSE will continue to work towards achieving their goal of being a fully renewable energy provider. The success of Grow Community’s energy projects should be a valuable story for many more communities across our nation as we enter an era of infrastructure and community redevelopment that is needed in many cities.

Taking active and aggressive approach in the implementation of renewable and energy efficient development projects will deliver clear financial incentives in the short term. Even more valuable is the long term impact these decisions have made on all of us.